Join A Challenge Group

You know what January means….New Years Resolutions!! I know that every year I start out with renewed focus and whether or not you want to lose weight, exercise more consistently, or learn how to eat balanced, healthy meals, as women we most likely have thoughts like that running through our heads right now!

So what will you do? Will you go to extra cycling classes? Maybe BodyPump 3x a week? Start running more? Depending on where you are starting from, all those are great options but what they are all missing is ACCOUNTABILITY. When you enroll in a Challenge Group, you not only get access to hundreds of workouts, but you also get the support and community from the group to inspire and motivate you to stay strong and keep on your health journey past January when most fizzle out!

So, if you’ve questioned what to do for your health and fitness goals in 2018, take a look at the options below and see which might be a good fit for you!


This is a NEW program launching on January 15th! It is for more intermediate/advanced fitness levels and will use a timed nutrition program. The workout will use weights, resistance bands, and sliders to effectively tone your entire body with a focus on glutes and core. It also incorporates the Performance Line to enhance results.


If an 80 day program sounds a little intimidating to get back on tracks, then I am offering a 21 day New Year New You program that will use either 21 Day Fix Workouts and Nutrition or 21 Day Fix Extreme. Both of these programs come with a Portion Controlled Nutrition plan to follow and you will get coaching and support from me daily.


This option is for those of you who want a Total Body Reset for the New Year. It is 21 days, and is purely nutrition based. It’s recommended to take time off from exercise during the 21 Days to allow your body to detox and rest. I did this program last spring and lost the stuck, stubborn weight that I had been holding onto for years. It’s as though the fat is released your cells along with the toxins! Expect clear skin, better digestion, amazing sleep, and for the stubborn pounds to be released from your body!

So take a minute and fill out this form – I will get back to you within 24 hours!