80 Day Obsession




The definition of Obsession is the state of being obsessed with something or an idea that continually preoccupies or intrudes a persons’ mind. The word “obsession” didn’t sit well with me at first because I have been in a place before where I was ‘obsessed’ with my health and trust me, it wasn’t ‘healthy’. It led to deprivation, undereating, and restriction which then led to overeating, cravings, hormonal, digestive, and thyroid problems.  BUT there IS a way to be obsessed with your health and fitness and not let it CONTROL you! That was the intention with this program! The creator, Autumn Calabrese (trainer for 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, and Hammer & Chisel) stated that she wants people to see the importance of becoming obsessed with you taking care of YOU. She places a major emphasis not only on nutrition and exercise, but also on self care and sleep. The program incorporates how to be your best self! I could get on board with that!

80 Day Obsession consists of 80 NEW workouts – unlike most home workout videos, you can stream a new workout everyday throughout the program. It actually lasts 97 days with Sundays as your rest days. It has been described as a Total Body Workout with an emphasis on the core & glutes. It also contains a nutrition program that is paramount to anything I have ever seen for the price. You can customize it to your fitness goals and body’s needs. I have been playing with the nutrition plan over the last week and know that it will absolutely help you achieve your goals when you use it synergistically with the workouts.

The workouts focus on specific body parts: IMG_0123

And uses special workout equipment to go along with your weights & workout mat: IMG_0124

Those little loops look like they wouldn’t do much, but let me tell you they can make my legs, booty, and arm muscles scream! Here are some examples of the moves with the bands below:

The Nutrition program sounds challenging, but in reality it’s super simple! You know how you get to a point in your fitness journey that you’re like, “JUST TELL ME WHAT TO DO! Tell me what to eat and when to eat it and tell me what workouts to do.” Have you ever been there? This program answers that question for you!

The plan is programmed around the time you workout with a pre and post-workout block. You are told to choose from a list of foods within certain food groups and combine them at certain times during the day for maximum effectiveness. In the past, I have used the portion controlled containers, but this takes the guesswork out of when to eat what!

You calculate which plan you fall into based on a formula that uses your current weight and then you see which Plan you fall into. I currently fall into “Plan A” but I have a feeling I wil be bumping up to the next level soon – when you work your body out like this you need more fuel!

Here is a sample of what my day looks like:


I have tons of options and this just gives you an idea of a few!

So, here we go! 80 days of becoming my best self!


If you want to work on both an internal and external transformation by summer, fill out the form below and you can join the next group that will kick off in February!



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